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27C322/160/800/400 EPROM Programming Adapter


Adapt your 27C322/27C160/27C800/27C400 EPROM to work in a TL866 EPROM programmer!

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Atari 2600/7800 Composite Video Mod


Dug your old Atari out of the attic and found that you can’t plug the antenna cable into your modern TV any more? This is a simple board with a quick and easy install that allows you to get composite video out of your old friend.

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bwack C64 Saver 2


Inline overvoltage protection adapter for original C64 power supplies

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Commodore 64 Recap Kit


Recap kit for Commodore 64

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EasyFlash 3


Programmable and customisable cartridge add-on for C64/128

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EEPROM Adapters


Need to adapt one ROM pinout to another ROM pinout? We might have your solution right here!

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Flashback: The Quest for Identity


Cartridge is in good condition, but label is a bit worn as shown in pictures. Does not come with manual or box.

Cart has been disassembled and inspected for any damage, cleaned and tested.

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Game Cart Backup Battery


Replacement battery to restore save game memory functionality in classic game cartridges

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Kung Fu Flash


Allows you to emulate a number of different C64 cartridge types and even load disk images nearly instantly to play back on a Commodore 64/128

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