Commodore 64

An 8-bit computer from the 1980s, kept alive today by a thriving community.
Probably one of the best known retro computers, and a personal favourite of our intrepid leader.
We stock many replacement parts and new add-ons to keep your C64 fighting fit.

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bwack C64 Saver 2


Inline overvoltage protection adapter for original C64 power supplies

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EasyFlash 3


Programmable and customisable cartridge add-on for C64/128

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EEPROM Adapters


Need to adapt one ROM pinout to another ROM pinout? We might have your solution right here!

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Kung Fu Flash


Allows you to emulate a number of different C64 cartridge types and even load disk images nearly instantly to play back on a Commodore 64/128

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Pi1541 Drive Emulator


Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator for RPi3

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XCPLA is a replacement for the PLA in older versions of the Commodore 64

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Zero1541 is an all-in-one cartridge designed for the Commodore 64 and based on the awesome Pi1541 project by Steve White.

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