EEPROM Adapters


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Need to adapt one ROM pinout to another ROM pinout? We might have your solution right here!

There comes a time in every retro enthusiasts life where they look at a 2364 mask-ROM and say “I wish my programmer could read that.” or something to that effect.

Anyway, let’s just say there was a need to make some adapters, and thus spawned this following set of various devices that convert a certain ROM pin configuration to another.

These were mainly created for reading original 2364 ROMs from a C64, and replacing them with modern, off-the-shelf 27C64 or equivalent EEPROMs. If you have a specific use case that’s not accounted for here, please let us know – I am more than happy to expand on this list and make a new product just for you!

Select from the Type dropdown the kind you’re looking for:

  • 2364 to 27xx ZIF – For reading 2364 mask ROMs in your EEPROM programer
  • 27xx to 2364 ZIF – For quick testing of replacement ROMs via a ZIF socket
  • 27xx to 2364 socket – For semi-permanent installation of replacement ROM


27xx to 2364 socket, 27xx to 2364 ZIF, 2364 to 27xx ZIF

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