Nintendo 64 Recap Kit


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Recap kit for your Nintendo Sixty Fooouuurrrrr!!!!!

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The Nintendo 64 was the home video gamer’s first foray into the wonderful world of 3D graphics. Launching in 1996, these units are now past the roughly-expected 15-year lifespan of the average electrolytic capacitor.

Our repair kit provides high quality surface mount capacitors necessary to refurbish your unit. It is compatible with all revisions and regions of the N64, and as such you may end up with some extras depending on your model.

A detailed instruction guide is provided with each installation kit, and we are happy to provide assistance if needed throughout your installation.


  • 4x 10uF 16V – C25 C26 C34 C128
  • 3x 33uF 25V – C24 C28 C142
  • 9x 68uF 16V – C33 C73 C81 C130 C131 C134 C140 C141 C145
  • 2x 220uF 10V – C15 C16

Note: Not all caps included are used on all board revisions, so you may have leftovers once complete.

Compatible Systems

Nintendo 64

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