Nintendo Gameboy Recap Kit


SKU: SBB355757

Recap kit for a Nintendo Gameboy, model DMG-01 – the original and the best (in our humble opinion!)

Available on back-order

This recap kit for the DMG-01 includes brand new electrolytic capacitors to replace the old parts inside the original Nintendo Gameboy.

The internals of the Gameboy are broken down into three PCBs, and this includes components for all three boards.


  • C1-C2: 100uF 10V
  • C3: 10uF 25V
  • C6-C10: 1uF 50v


  • C1,C7: 100uF 10V
  • C3-C4: 1uF 50V
  • C5-C6: 10uF 16V

Headphone PCB:

  • C1-C2: 100uF 6.3V

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 1 cm
Compatible Systems

Nintendo Gameboy

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