Nintendo Gameboy Color Recap Kit


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Recap kit for a Nintendo Gameboy Color, model CGB-001

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This recap kit for the CGB-001 includes brand new surface-mount electrolytic capacitors to replace the old parts inside the original Nintendo Gameboy Color.

Unlike the original Gameboy, the Gameboy Color only contains one primary PCB and three electrolytic capacitors. These three caps are surface mount, however, which adds to the complexity of this repair.

  • C32 – 100uF 6V, measuring 6.3mm x 5.4mm (replaced with a compatible 6.3V)
  • C35 – 22uF 16V, measuring 4mm x 5.4mm
  • C38 – 100uF 4V, measuring 5.2mm x 5.4mm

This kit includes high quality Nichicon or Panasonic brand replacement capacitors and a detailed instruction guide including disassembly steps and any gotchas along the way.

Compatible Systems

Nintendo Gameboy Color

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