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Zero1541 is an all-in-one cartridge designed for the Commodore 64 and based on the awesome Pi1541 project by Steve White.

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The Zero1541 is an all-in-one cartridge designed for the Commodore 64 and based on the awesome Pi1541 project by Steve White. It integrates a Raspberry Pi Zero on a slimline cartridge to provide a cycle accurate emulation of a 1541 disk drive. It additionally has a beautiful blue OLED display that shows a menu and status screen, and a piezo speaker for “head track” access beeping (configurable if that’s not your sorta thing)

As the Raspberry Pi Zero is included with this, there are no soldering skills required. Simply load up your MicroSD card with the included Pi1541 software and your Commodore game files, and you can relive those classics easily.

The Zero1541 also integrates an Epyx Fastload ROM chip, which allows you to unlock the full speed of your C64 disk loading. There is a switch provided on the rear to allow you to disable the fastloader, if you find some software that is incompatible.

Unlike other Pi1541 Zero cartridges on the market, the Zero1541 has some distinct advantages:

  • It is a much more streamlined design, not bulky at all and about the size of a regular C64 cart
  • No soldering skills required, simple slot in your MicroSD card and go!
  • The control buttons on the cartridge are arranged in an up-down-left-right-enter configuration, so it’s easy to know what does what
  • The Serial cable is hardwired in with good strain-relief, no chance of it breaking loose
  • Epyx Fastload chip is hardware disable-able with a simple switch
  • It’s black!

Build new, tested and ready to use. Provided is the IO adapter board complete with Raspberry Pi Zero and all other components already assembled. Upon purchase, a zip file is provided with the relevant Pi1541 software customised by SBAB to match this cart. You only need to provide your own MicroSD card, plonk the contents of that zip file on there, and add your own C64 disk files to get started.

If you’re that way inclined, I do have a 3D printed cartridge in the works, however 3D design is not my forte and it’s taking a while to get it complete. I personally prefer the look of the bare board, anyway! If you would like a cartridge, please register your interest at purchase time, and when it’s completed and ready to go I will ship one out to you free of charge.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 5 cm

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Zero1541 Software


The Pi1541 software customised for the Zero1541 hardware. Put the contents of this zip file on your MicroSD card in order to get full use of your cartridge.